Lina Castellanos

Lina Castellanos

Lina Castellanos is a passionate human services professional and advocate. In her experience in working with communities, families, youth, and children, she has championed many causes with proven successful performance as a leader in organizations / governmental entities and management within non-profit organizations.

Ms. Castellanos has a master’s degree in social work and has developed a wide range of capabilities and perspectives for conceptualizing and operationalizing advanced, comprehensive projects.

She has a track record of successes, expertise, skills/abilities, and extensive experience in strategic development and planning with organizations and communities, program design and implementation, grant development and grant writing, and working with diverse cultural communities and settings, including residents, peers, and resident groups. Ms. Castellanos has established fruitful relationships in working with a variety of organizations in Florida through her consulting business and continues to collaborate as a volunteer with community-based organizations.

For the last eleven years Ms. Castellanos has worked at Thriving Mind South Florida (South Florida Behavioral Health Network) as the Community & Systems Integrator and Director of Prevention; this work providing her with myriads of opportunities for program development, grant writing, CQI activities, and building successful partnerships.

Ms. Castellanos is a mindfulness practitioner and aspires to become a certified teacher. She loves exploring all cuisines and cooking.

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